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Racing Boats - 3

12 months later, Bohinc would again take the Harmsworth Trophy off the south coats of England, winning all three heats, ‘The Needles Trophy, ‘Round the Island’ and ‘Cowes-Torquay-Cowes’, a win that would be considered the pinnacle of any powerboating career worldwide.

Not content with that, in 2005 – returning to the boat formerly known as Casino Tivoli, now ‘’ – Bohinc became the Powerboat P1 Endurance World Champion.

Amidst a complete renovation, the nine-litre twin turbo 800 hp Seatek diesel engines were replaced by a pair of 10.3-litre BiTurbo Seateks, providing 1000 hp each.

The team of Bohinc, Miles Jennings and Ed Williams-Hawkes took wins in the Grand Prix of Germany and European Grand Prix in Gallipoli, Italy and were in poll position going into the final event in Naples. A second place finish in that event secured an overall triumph.

The P1 World Championship was now attracting new boats and new competitors from as far away as the USA and predicting strong competition, Bohinc commissioned a new boat for 2006, the FB designed STAB 48. Considered the ultimate diesel racing boat the craft looked set to take the Championship by storm but early teething problems and changes to the rules - in favour of petrol engines- saw the boat withdraw from the Championship after two events.