Biography - 2

won the Harmsworth Trophy more than once. His other achievements include second place overall and winner of the 1998 Sport Category in the Venice-Montecarlo Endurance Race, winner of the 2001 UIM Endurance WC and EC in Sport Category, Naples Cup, 2003 Centenary Harmsworth Trophy and 2005 Powerboat P1 World Championship Evolution Class in, named after his successful gambling empire.

2008’s Round Britain brought its fair share of thrills and spills to both the waves and Bohinc. The FB Design of the Austrian was one of the firm favourites to win the esteemed race and the 42ft, powered by twin Isotta Fraschini diesels and generating 1800hp, was considered by Fabio Buzzi himself to be one of the best boats he has ever built.

Though the title would eventually be awarded to the first ever Greek team to enter a major UK endurance event in the form of Vassilis Pateras, Panos Tsikopoulos, Lefteris Vasiliou and Dag Pike of Blue FPT, Bohinc once again enjoyed great success during a highly prestigious occasion.Five wins, including a hat-trick of consecutive victories on days 4, 6 and 7, once again proved his credentials at the top level and further cemented another of his given titles; ‘Mr. Endurance’. It was only the start of another glorious 12 months in a career already lauded as one of the best in the history of powerboat racing.

In 2009, the OSG Racing team of Bohinc, Giancarlo Cangiano and Giovanni Carpitella were crowned P1